Welcome to Happy Tails Blog by APS of Person County!

Hi there – Lexi here! Please excuse my attempt at a selfie — I’m not very good at taking these yet… My leg is too short!

My name is Lexi … and I was adopted from an animal rescue. My new life is pretty awesome. I have a mom-person, Beth, and a sister-person, Olivia. I also have 2 sister-dogs, Sandy and Princess. One way or another, we were all rescued… Sandy from the streets and Princess from a shelter.

We also have lots of visitors in our home… rescue pet visitors. These dogs and cats come and go and I hear mom talking about their new, happy lives – what she calls “Happy Tails”.

Learn more about APS of Person County at www.apsofpc.org!

Mom and her friends volunteer for Animal Protection Society of Person County. I love this group because they help animals just like me! I especially love them when they find new homes for the puppies that visit … babysitting is HARD and my nap schedule gets TOTALLY interrupted! But….  I do what I can to help. I hope you’ll keep up with the new Happy Tails Blog – it’ll give you a chance to learn about new pets we’re helping, new adoption stories, alumni updates, and different activities happening to help support the work my mom and her friends are doing to help our animals in need and pet-owners (current and future) in our community.

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