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Foster Care

Our foster families make all the difference! We literally could not rescue animals without them since we do not have a shelter.

What does it mean to foster a rescue pet?

When you foster an APS rescue pet, you give this animal a second chance. APS provides funding for vet care, food, and preventative medications. We ask that you work with your foster pet to help him/her become comfortable in a home setting. This may mean potty-training, crate-training, helping a dog walk on a leash or just learn basic manner.

Can I select the pet I'd like to foster?

Yes! We have dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens, big and small! Some families are home more often and prefer working with small dogs while other families have more space and enjoy big dogs. Same goes for cats! Some families love to have a new litter of kittens to help while others prefer an older cat who may need to find a new home.


Please review the foster agreement, complete the foster application and we'll be in touch!