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Lost Pets


Any pet owner who has come home from work to find their beloved cat or dog is missing knows what terror it strikes in your heart. First you panic! But this is a time that you must become organized ... not panicked. Here are some simple steps to follow if your pet is missing:

  • Call the Person County Animal Shelter at 597-1741 to see if your pet has been turned in and also to alert them that your pet is missing.
  • Contact APS at 514-8689 or apsofpc@gmail.com; leave a message with your name, contact information, description of pet (photo, if possible), date and location of missing pet.
  • Check with your neighbors to see if they have seen your pet.
  • Check with local veterinarians to see if perhaps your pet has been injured and taken to them by a concerned citizen.
  • Post signs in your neighborhood. Include a picture of your pet if possible.
  • Place a “Lost” ad in the local newspaper and radio station (free for 2 weeks in The Courier Times).
  • Put an ad on Craigslist.
  • Post on your Facebook page and pages for Person County Yard Sale, Person County Yard Sale #2, and Person County Animal Lovers
  • Make sure you have a good recent photo of your pet.
  • Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with ID AND current Rabies tag
  • Consider having your pet microchipped. This procedure has returned many pets, sometimes over thousands of miles, back to their rightful owner. Check with your veterinarian about this procedure.
  • Have your pet spayed or neutered. These pets are not as prone to wandering away from your property.